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Goodbye Twitter, Hello Mastodon

My blog explaining why I'm leaving the bird site behind, why I set up my own server, some advice on transferring and invite to

The blog is here:

ChatGPT 4 - what is all the fuss about? via @YouTube a conversation between @Jonathon_Wright and me. First of several - or many, I expect.

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At @waitrose you can buy an empty jam jar for £2 or an identical one full of jam for £1.71. Your move ...

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To all the critics out there. When you're 20pts behind in the polls there's only one strategy that's going to turn the country and your fortunes around: Getting the presenter of Match of the Day sacked.

Sorry not sorry for the political tweets this morning. Every now and then the urge to (re)tweet overtakes my inner coward.

The government’s cruel immigration plans and propaganda deserves universal condemnation.

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One of the best questions ever asked on Question Time 👏

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"It's a shame that the rest of the media has to almost follow the trawler like seagulls, an agenda set by the biggest beasts in the jungle."

After Gary Lineker was criticised for saying that the government's language around migration is similar to the language used in 1930s…

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I would like to buy this wonderful human being a pint. 🔥

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This is a knock-out blow from Jess. If Braverman had any decency she’d resign in shame. She doesn’t. So she won’t.

What a result from Musk. What a performance! What a choice of target to attack; what a deservedly humiliting climbdown. And in between, such disregard for ordinary decency; such contempt for simple probity; such an utter want of tactical nous. Savor it all. The reek of desperation; the accent notes of spite and schoolyard bullying; the ground bass of self-important stupidity. And spare a thought for the supporting cast of hopeless sycophants, and highly-paid lawyers. Marvelous.

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Hi again @elonmusk 👋

I hope you are well.

I’m fine too. I’m thankful for your interest in my health.

But since you mentioned it, I wanted to give you more info.

I have muscular dystrophy. It has many effects on my body.

Let me tell you what they are:

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After you’ve watched the Gullis film describing his Tory Britain have a watch of this a reminder of the kind of stuff politicians are supposed to do

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There are only two countries in the world where representatives of the state religion automatically get seats in Parliament. They are the UK and Iran.

Really enjoyed my time as Chair for 2022. Great show, well organised. Best of luck for 2023 ⁦@MikeJarred⁩ ⁦@HUSTEF2022⁩

I needed some stock images of people working together so I used to generate some pictures.

The spec: "group of three people working in an office"

Bearded ladies, weird, three armed, demon eyed, freaks. Ho-hum.

I guess I won't be using AI to generate images for a while yet.

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I despair of the direction this country is travelling. We need a change

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Ultimately, Trade Unions work and that is exactly why the Tories are going after them.

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Braverman and Zahawi should both be sacked TODAY.
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